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Sri Malaya


If you are ever taking a stroll down Penang's very popular Chulia Street, then I'm sure without doubt you will notice a bright canary yellow building peering out of the side street Jalan Pintal Tali just off of Chulia. This uniquely coloured piece of heritage architecture is the home to quaint little restaurant called Sri Malaya.


Upon stepping inside out of the sweltering Malaysian heat, a cool refreshing wave rushes to meet you and the warm lit interior invites one to pull up a chair. Pleasant latin music plays subtly through the restaurant, a nice change to the loud annoying tunes some places blast at you.



I think one of the most impressive things about Sri Malaya is its interior. Upstairs above the main dining area, the whole floor is impeccably designed as a living area. Although this is unused, it reflects on the well thought through simple yet elegant design of Sri Malaya's colourful interior.


The fruit blended smoothies are all made with fruit as fresh as it will get, brought to Sri Malaya straight from the market. While you sit in the cooling aurora of the place, the whirr of the blenders crushing the ice can be a slight discomfort disturbing the quiet tranquilness, but gratefully, this is only momentary and at the end of it you get a smoothie exploding with freshness and flavour. Fresh fruit smoothies aren't the only drinks on the menu to replenish your thirst, there are wines, beers, tea, coffee and simple fruit juices to choose from.


Skimming across the food menu, there is a mouthwatering selection of Malaysian, Italian pasta dishes and Western dishes. Penang Passion were not lucky enough (nor had the stomach space) to sample every meal Sri Malaya had to offer but instead three platters were selected with the help of recommendations of house favourites.


It seemed so soon after we ordered that our dishes were placed before us in the fastest of fashions, it was almost unreal how speedy the food arrived. The appearance of the meals reflects on the attention to detail Sri Malaya pay to the presentation of their food.


The mixed seafood curry laksa noodles arrived colourfully presented in a large white bowl. The prawns were massive and an aroma of spices wafts up to intoxicate one's sense of smell. The first impression of the laksa is that it is like that of Penang curry mee; it is not too spicy and the prawns taste fresh, their juicy and there is plenty of flesh on them to satisfy you.


The carbonara fettuccine with smoked salmon and wild mushroom was a creamy delight which gave a new and interesting taste to the typical carbonara dish. The smoked salmon was of course fresh and the amount, generous.


The braised lamb shank was presented colourfully, draped in gravy and decorated with peppered steam vegetables. The succulent lean meat fell from the bone easily and was thankfully not a tough morsel to chew.



Unfortunately for Penang Passion, we were unable to sample some of the cakes that are served at Sri Malaya due to the fact that they had sold out. I am sure their cakes and brownies must be good if they were already sold out so early on the evening. Even though the desserts were all sold out, we were still offered a fresh platter of fruit to cleanse the palette.


Overall, Sri Malaya is an impressive and pleasant place to dine. Price-wise, for the amount of food you get and for the quality it is very reasonably priced. It is a place that is appropriate for any time of day or not, offering hearty meals for the hungry, rehydrating drinks for the parched and delicious desserts for the sweet-toothed and peckish. Its location just off of Chulia Street on Jalan Pintal Tali puts it in the ideal spot for any wandering tourists or Penangaites to just simply pop in at their convenience. Take a trip down to Sri Malaya, perhaps if you are on a date, spending time with an old friend or to feed the mouth's of your hungry family and experience it firsthand. 

Photography by Christyna Fong

Article by Sorcha May Li Leow

Date Written : 12th July 2010 No Comments
Category: Hot Dining Spots
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