The next time someone tells you to take a long walk off a short pier, head over to QE II.

I did.

That short pier would be Church Street Pier in Weld Quay.. 

The long walk was interesting. I met, among others, a bunch of calcium deficient crabs and a lazy, pampered cow that chowed down on grain for 200 days. And that was before I came downstairs and sucked back two bottles of beer, a XXX and right now, a Chin-Chin.

I am at QEII, one of the finest restaurant & bar establishments in Penang. Overlooking the Straits of Malacca into Mainland Penang, QEII is a waterfront duplex of food upstairs and fun down here in the alfresco clubbing area.

dining area


It started to rain. The temperature fell and temperaments rose into a stunning display of nature’s torrid theatrics, as though the wind was smacking the rain around for dancing his beloved sea. Cold and wet outside, what a night for…


Soup! French onion soup and a rich lobster bisque; something about the salty sea air seemed to bring the lobster bisque to life.


Appetizer: Timbale of prawns with avocado, baby mesclun and caviar with home-made spicy cocktail sauce - Perfect kickstart for tingling tastebuds.


Next,  served with an aromatic tomato coulis. The crabs were delicious - crispy, brittle batter on the outside and soft, fragile flesh inside, helplessly disarmored for my eating pleasure.

Exit crabs. Enter cow. They brought out the 200-day grain fed Wagyu beef. Cheek meat. Yum. I took a knife to it and the flesh parted as easily as the Red Sea did. I closed my mouth around a piece and the flesh began melting away on my tongue, surrendering a little more with every chew.

I hear a faint thud on the table and I see a plate of grilled cod, red wine sauce, spinach & garlic. The fish was fresh, fresher than the freshest fish I’ve found fresh. Little treasures complemented the fish like diamonds in a crown – sweet cherry tomato halves with a piquant balsamic vinegar dressing. I’d have asked for more but they brought in the…




Penang hot wood-fire oven pizza! Whole prawns sitting pretty in a firy forest of curry paste, onions, garlic, basil and a cosy blanket of molten mozzarella. The pizza crust was one of the best I’ve had. Beautiful irregularity. It was crispy mostly, with some thicker chewy parts, and scattered blisters broken and charred by the woodfire. Every mouthful was a treat, and as always, I found myself counting down helplessly as 8 sections on the pizza clock ticked away into my tummy.

The woodfire pizza in QE2 has accompanied many a drinking binge, and here come the bingers. The party people are rolling in, looking sharp. For a while, at least.


They’ll soon need this seat more than I do.

Serena Tan and Sam Chin

Serena Tan and owner of QE II Sam Chin

Article and Photographs provided by Lim Yao-han for Penang Passion

  • Contact & Location of the QE2: 8A Pengkalan WeldGeorgetown, Pulau PenangMalaysia
  • +602612126

Date Written : 20th August 2009 4 Comments
Category: Hot Dining Spots
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