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Island Hospital’s modern design is a landmark in hospital architecture, with its emphasis on uncluttered open spaces and friendly integrated units whose concept is in itself therapeutic for patients. It offers a wide range of medical, surgical and emergency services 24 hours a day. It is a 240 bedded private medical centre situated in the heart of Georgetown, Penang.

i-Heart Centre - A Centre of Excellence
Island Hospital’s i-Heart Centre, complemented by i-Sports & Rehab Centre serves as a one-stop comprehensive diagnostic and treatment centre for both adult and peadiatric cardiac patients.

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The centre is conveniently located on the ground floor of Island Hospital and is supported by a fully equipped coronary care unit, cardiac operation theatre, recovery ward and a roof top rehabilitation garden.

This helps the medical team focus its expertise and attention on the patient in one central location. Within this “One-Stop” Centre, there is minimum movement from one area to another thereby making it more comfortable and convenient for the patient.

Cardiac Rehabilitation
The i-Sports Physiotheraphy & Rehabilitation Centre will provide state-of the-art physiotheraphy, rehabilitation and gym facilities aimed at providing the best care and service to the cardiac patients.

Our Cardiac Physiotherapist will guide and prepare the cardiac surgical patient pre-and-post operatively.

Post operatively, cardiac patients can exercise in the pleasant green environment of our rooftop garden and rehab centre thus speeding up the recovery.

Cardiology Services

Non-Invasive Cardiac Laboratory
    •    ECG, Treadmill Stress Test, Pacemaker Check / Programming
    •    Echo cardiography
    •    24 hours Holter monitoring, loop / event recorder
    •    Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring
    •    Enhanced external counterpulsation (EECP) treatment
    •    Non-invasive multislice CT (MSCT) Coronary Angiography

Invasive Cardiac Laboratory
    •    Diagnostic cardiac catheterization
    •    Coronary intervention (PTCA, stents)
    •    Peadiatric intervention (ballon valvuloplasty, coil PDA occlusion)
    •    Permanent pacemaker implantation
    •    Adult mitral valvuloplasty

Cardiothoracic Services
    •    Close and open heart surgery for congenital heart disease
    •    Coronary artery bypass surgery
    •    Heart valve repair / replacement

i-Laser Centre
i-Laser Centre is a premier laser vision correction centre in Malaysia. Since 1997, i-Laser Centre has been at the forefront in the practice of PRK and LASIK methods of vision correction.


This centre is backed by a full range of facilities and multi-disciplinary clinical support and care available in Island Hospital. In addition to three fully trained and experienced ophthalmologists. Our supporting paramedical personnel including a full time optometrist are sub-specialized in eyecare.

i Sports Centre
The i-Sports Centre is our physiotherapy & rehabilitation centre which provides state of the art physiotherapy, rehabilitation and gym facilities for both inpatients and outpatients with muscular, joint and neurological related disorders.

The centre has a fully equipped gymnasium and a group of professionals with various sub-speciality trainings.

i Care Centre
Island Fertility Centre is staffed by a dedicated team of experienced gynaecologists, skilled embryologists, well-trained nurses and technicians. They are committed to the diagnosis, care and management of the subfertile couples and to the application of the latest assisted reproductive techniques.

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Our centre is located on the fifth floor of Island Hospital, where fertility consultation can be conducted in strict confidence in a comfortable and private environment.

i-Spine Centre

The new Spine Centre at Island Hospital serves as a one-stop centre for diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation for patients with spinal disorder

"The Centre maintains close professional and academic ties with the

- Spine Unit, National Taiwan University Hospital, Taipei
- University Hospital of Heidelberg, Germany. 
- Spine Unit, Nishitaga National Hospital, University of Tohoku, Sendai, Japan

with cross-referrals of patients and mutual technology transfers."

Urology Centre
A modern Urological approach with state of the art facilities will be provided for patients with both benign and malignant Genito Urinary disorders.


308 Macalister Road,
10450 Penang, Malaysia

Tel: +(604) 228 8222
Fax: +(604) 226 7989
Customer Service Email:

Content and Photographs courtesy of Island Hospital

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