The Fierce Aunty’s No-nonsense Guide to the Perfect Laksa
RM 88.00
Cheerful Apron
RM 88.00
Colourful Art & Garden Gift Book by Fuan Wong
RM 48.00

George Town’s Renaissance Greeting Cards
RM 35.00
Nyonya Divas Greeting Cards
RM 35.00


Nyonya Avatars Greeting Cards
RM 59.00
Once Upon A Nyonya Tale
RM 28.00
Nyonya Travel Sling
RM 138.00
Tropical Fantasia Slings
RM 138.00
Nyonya Diva Tote
RM 108.00
Nyonya Fantasia Tote
RM 188.00
My Little Nyonya Diary
RM 59.00
My Little Nyonya Diary – Gift Set
RM 98.00
Penang Passion Cookbook
RM 80.00
Nostalgic Penang Journal
RM 55.00